Elder Law & Medicaid Planning

Establishing Medicaid Eligibility For In-Home Care And Nursing Home Care

For the best possible outcome, it pays to plan ahead

The best time to start thinking about financing long-term care is before incapacity or the need for nursing home care or home care arises. That way, you have the time to think about what’s most important to you and your family time to clear up problems while they are manageable, before they become major obstacles and time to choose from a broad range of planning options.

At Johnson, Langworthy & Muchnik, P.C., our goal is not only to be your counsel and advocate, but also to serve as a link between you and your family and a network of physicians, home care agencies, nursing homes and providers of assisted living arrangements.

As a Firm, we are committed to making the Medical eligibility application process easy to grasp, so that individuals and families understand how their existing health care benefits work, helping them to gain the greatest possible benefits from their existing medical insurance and receive all of the medical benefits to which they are entitled.

We also help clients and their families prepare for hospital discharge, home care services or nursing home admission. With advanced planning, problems can be identified and solved thereby eliminating delays, inconvenience and needless financial loss.


We help you gain the greatest benefit from health care coverage at the lowest cost.